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Month: November 2016

One of the less common aspects (and often not identified by clinicians) of PTSD is the concept of moral injury.  The term moral injury was initially coined by Jonathan Shay in an attempt to memorialize the psychological injury related to a moral transgression in the context of a traumatic event, generally in a war setting but not necessarily.  Our military service members are at increased risk for experiencing moral injury, simply by the nature of their experiences.  While the rational mind can explain away the taking of another human life by reason of necessity, the cognitive explanation does not dovetail with the moral transgression.
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Are you attracting Narcissistic Friendships, Business Partnerships, or Intimate Mates? Do your relationships with others leave you emotionally empty and exhausted? This is the show for you! Episode KNL006 “Feed Your Own Ego, I’m Busy”. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a serious mental health disorder, part of a family of personality disorders, formerly referred to as “Cluster B Personality Disorders”. Continue reading

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