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Season 1,

Episode KNL001: Married to Your Job

October 01, 2016

So we did an amazing show we can’t wait to share with all of you. It is the first podcast and the title is “Is your partner committed to the relationship but married to their job”. Kristin was once married to a workaholic and me… well.. I AM THE WORKAHOLIC. Yup, thats right.

Kristin is able to speak from her perspective as ruler of the kingdom ( and I was the one that engulfed myself in my work as an excuse to not deal with a complicated, love me/hate me, dynamic in my marriage. In addition, my partner was a spender and I felt like I couldn’t let off the gas or we’d crash. Although we speak from opposite ends of the spectrum the one thing in common is that we both were committed to our family.

For me, I take pride in being a provider. I like to give my family the things they covet. Noble, yes.. unhealthy, yes!! I overcompensate due to various reasons that stem from childhood (whole ‘nother podcast show). I surmise that many people though relate to feeling the pressure of being a provider, not wanting to disappoint, wanting to succeed (desperately), or having a boss that delegates too much so they can cut out of work early. Whatever the reason, it can make those you love the VERY mostest feel devalued and unappreciated. (YIKES, the very thing you don’t want them to feel.)

Join us on October 4th to learn how to better communicate with your partner to get them to slow down and smell the roses. Want to share your story? Email us at Have a comment please leave it below.. we’d love to hear from you.

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