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Season 1,

Episode KNL002: Dating Up, Dating Down

October 13, 2016

This is our second podcast and the title is “Dating Up, Dating Down”. This episode explores dating up/dating down, both in age and with age, generally, comes assets (or lack thereof). Kristin and Lisa tackle the follies that comes with dating 10+/- years of your age.

We had a wonderful experience at our recent attendance at the Mascara and Mimosas brunch where we got to spend some one on one time with the Divine Secrets of the Domestic Diva Goddess herself, Mrs. Susan McLean.

Susan was gracious enough to share her secrets with us and as thanks we wanted to share her wonderful website and social media links so that our audience could connect with her and gain some insight and tips from her.

After being single for 9 years, Kristin is back on the dating scene and we discuss her pitfalls and follies of her recent endeavors. Kristin shares her opinions on the trend of Cougars and men dating older women. She shares her experiences in dating younger men and discusses the benefits of being open and upfront about your relationship goals and what exactly you want from the current relationship.

Join us on October 12th to learn how to date up according to your expectations. Want to share your story? Email us at Have a comment please leave it below.. we’d love to hear from you.

Show Notes
  • 0:52

    Shout Out to Susan McLean of and Boss Babes Brunch

  • 1:18

    Intro to the show discussing the benefits of dating up according to your age, lifestyle and expectations

  • 2:40

    Statistics on dating from on men’s preference to dating older women.

  • 25:00

    Discussion on personal dating experience from both Lisa and Kristin.

  • 36:12

    Kristin shares the benefits of being open and upfront about your relationship goals.

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