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Season 1,

Episode KNL005: Anxiety

November 02, 2016

This episode tackles “Anxiety”. Anxiety is completely normal.  Tune in as Kristin and Lisa outline the difference between fear and anxiety, healthy anxiety vs. unhealthy anxiety, and the physical and psychological components of anxiety. Anxiety is adaptive and avoiding the triggers that cause this heightened sense of awareness will only perpetuate the cycle for those affected by anxiety.

While anxiety can feel debilitating it is not dangerous and it will eventually diminish.  However, this is easier said than believed, especially by the individual currently experiencing an anxiety attack. Listen as Kristin delves into the 5 types of Psychological fears.   “Anxiety is about the future. If you can control your thoughts you can control the anxious feelings from engulfing you” – Lisa

Show Notes
  • 1:30

    The difference between anxiety and fear.

  • 4:15

    Kristin explains the Five types of Psychological Fears

  • 18:26

    What are you thoughts that trigger your anxiety response?

  • 26:00

    Why avoidance is counterproductive to tackling your anxiety?

  • 43:38

    How labeling the anxious feelings provides relief for the sufferer

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