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Season 1,

Episode KNL007: Just Get Over It, Life after Cheating

November 16, 2016

KNL007 “Just Get Over It, Life after Cheating”,  tackles how to recover and move forward after an affair. This episode explores some helpful and some not-so-helpful strategies in moving on after one partner has cheated. Cheating is not defined as mere physicality between two individuals but it can be comprised of an emotional affair.

With the vast number of dating and hookups sites readily accessible at ones fingertips its easier now more than ever to step out on your loved one and out of your relationship. If you are the cheater this show may help shed some light into the error of your ways.

Show Notes
  • 6:36

    Can humans stay monogamous?

  • 13:25

    Listener share from Emily re: cheating spouse (Thank You Emily for writing us!!)

  • 20:09

    Cheating can create symptoms very similar of post traumatic stress disorder in the victim

  • 29:17

    “If you feel like you need to check your partners phone or social media pages we have bigger problems”

  • 36:51

    Look into the reasons the cheating occurs so you have insight from preventing it in the future

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