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Season 1,

Episode KNL006: Feed Your Own Ego, I’m Busy

November 08, 2016

Episode KNL006 “Feed Your Own Ego, I’m Busy”. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a serious mental health disorder, part of a family of personality disorders, formerly referred to as “Cluster B Personality Disorders”. Tune in to this podcast if you are interested in understanding if Narcissistic Personality Disorder is born with an individual or if its created thereafter.

Kristin explains the DSM criteria of NPD, teaches what fuels a Narcissistic Supply, and the sub types of Narcissism. Unfortunately, the Narcissistic individual can present in many forms.  Learn if you are the type of individual that may be attracting these types of personalities.  If you are a person that is a Narcissist this is a growth opportunity for you to learn how you may effect the individuals around you, and what you can do to build genuine relationships that are not self serving but mutualistic.

Show Notes
  • 1:38

    Are Narcissists born or created?

  • 5:00

    DSM Criteria of NPD

  • 12:40

    Emotional Vampires

  • 26:00

    Understanding Narcissistic Supply

  • 21:03

    Kristin explains the various sub-types of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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