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Season 1,
55 mins

Episode KNL008: “Celebrating Divorce”

November 26, 2016

Many individuals grapple with the decision to pull the trigger of divorce long after we know its time. KNL 008 “Celebrating Divorce” provides insight into why it is hard to make this decision, the emotions that an individual can face-even though we know it may be “best for us”, and how to find the peace in the new opportunity we have forged for ourselves. We also tackle when to enter the dating pool  and some clues for when not to date a new divorcee. (Throw those fish back!)

Show Notes
  • 04:48

    Divorce is similar to death in that many individuals will experience a grieving process

  • 08:40

    Cohabitating before marriage often comes with a partner with reduced levels of commitment

  • 15:35

    We see all the signs but drag our feet pulling the trigger

  • 21:50

    Why you should not date newly divorced partners

  • 50:21

    When you will know when you are ready to date

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