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KNL010 “Blended Families”

The good, bad, and ugly of blending families. Kristin schools us on how to blend families and our assets (or debt). The Do’s and Dont’s before we decide to mesh our children. Blending families can be very difficult but ultimately very rewarding. Learn to be patient both with your partner, their ex-partner, their children, your child (ren), and even yourself. An incorrect assumption is to believe you will magically love your partners children as easily as you found love for them (your partner).

While you may find these little angels more demonic than angelic, remember that they are an extension of your partner and as a co-parent and role model it is your responsibility to embrace the strengths of each child.  Bio parents should understand that a new step-parent cannot replace the loving, healthy, natural attachment a child forms with their own parent, the more loving adults a child is surrounded by only increases their sense of self esteem and self worth. Having happy, healthy, well-adjusted children is truly the sweetest reward of your parenting efforts so why not do whatever it takes to increase this likelihood. Tune in as Kristin lays down her wisdom and offers some Golden Rules of blending families.

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