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Kristin Stonesifer

LCSW / Co-Host

Kristin Stonesifer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in trauma and relationship therapy. She offers practical advice in a warm and friendly manner, understanding that ultimately each of us have free will to choose our own path. Kristin is no stranger to the business world, applying her degree in Finance as well as her common sense know-how to various online businesses.

Her educational background includes a Masters in Social Work from Delaware State University and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the University of Delaware. She works in private practice with The Mind and Body Consortium in Dover, Delaware.

Lisa Leidy

MBA & Co-Host

The co-host of “The Couch with Kristin and Lisa”, shares her wisdom on matters ranging from infertility, family, parenting, being the mom of a child model, and just adulting in general. She gets inspiration from her close knit group of girlfriends and precocious 4 year old.

Lisa is a self-proclaimed serial ‘preneur, risk taker, and educator. She has worked in the mental health field for seventeen years, and owns a multi-specialty, psychiatry practice for the past seven years. She has completed three successful mental health practice mergers and works as a mental health business consultant. Recently, she has co-produced a child trauma training video which was picked up for distribution. In her spare time, she can often be found helping out on film sets (DMMG /Philly) or baking up her newest Pinterest fail at home. (A love shared between her and her daughter.)

Lisa has completed a post Bacc. Pre-med Certificate (Drexel School of Medicine), a Bachelors degree in Psychology (distinguished with honors), and an M.B.A. In addition, she is Board Certified as a Human Services Practitioner and is currently pursuing a second Bachelors degree. Yes, we know just reading it sounds exhausting!


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