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Who We Are

So many of you may be wondering who we are and what brings us to this point? Excellent question. I am Lisa and my co-host is Kristin. We are two ladies that live in a small town with big dreams. We are passionate about helping people and we thrive on being the type of women our tiny humans can look up too. (Okay. so Kristin’s tiny humans are no longer so tiny, but you get the point.)

Our paths to get to this point have kinda weaved and woven through each other. Kristin started her professional career with an undergrad in finance, mine was in Psychology. Kristin then got a graduate degree in Social Work, whereas I got a graduate degree in Business Administration. Through mutual friends and business relationships we ended up working together at a mental health facility. From our passion to learn, help, educate, inspire we started collaborating on various projects and ultimately our podcast was born. Combined we have over twenty years in the mental health field!

We are super excited about the podcast launch (October 4th) and are really looking to connect with individuals that are also passionate about helping to further mental health treatment, mental health awareness, and destigmatize mental health as a whole. What will we cover? Everything. NO topic is off limits. We discuss everything under the sun. Of course, this will be handled with decorum and tact.. After all, we are ladies.

We encourage you to follow us and share your experiences. We read all our responses and value your feedback. Believe it or not, we are real people that exist behind the screen, and like you, we’ve had our fair share of “life lessons”.


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